GB WhatsApp Pro APK (v17.30) For Android [April 2023]

Finally, after a long time, a new update of GB WhatsApp Pro V17.10 has arrived and in today’s article I will tell you how you guys will update GB WhatsApp Pro.

It is very easy to update GB WhatsApp Pro, if you guys read this article completely, then you can update GB WhatsApp very easily from here. Let’s update GB WhatsApp without any delay. 

GB WhatsApp Pro Quick Details

App NameGBWhatsApp Pro
Size 56 MB
Last Update1 Day Ago

How to Download and Update GB WhatsApp Pro

If you are using GB WhatsApp Pro then your GB WhatsApp must have been closed and if you do not update GB WhatsApp then all your data will be lost. Well i want you to update your gb whatsapp

To update GB WhatsApp, first you have to open Google Chrome and you have to search GB WhatsApp Pro Update. After this you will get their official website at the top.

You have to go to the official website of GB WhatsApp and there you will find GB WhatsApp Pro Update an option on which you have to click. After that it will redirect you to another page. 

Where you will get its update link and when you click on it, GB WhatsApp Pro will be downloaded in your phone and when this application is downloaded then you have to install it. 

When you install it, one will automatically update to the new version and if your GB WhatsApp has been closed then it will also be open and you people will be able to use your GB WhatsApp.

How to Install GB WhatsApp Pro

When you download GB WhatsApp Pro, you have to install it manually and if you don’t install it then it will not update to the new version. So let’s know how you will install it

First of all, you have to open Google Chrome and click on the 3dot you will see at the top right. Here you will see the download option on which you have to click.

When you click on it, here you will be able to see all the files you have downloaded from Google. Now you will get the GB WhatsApp file here, so click on it

Here you will see two options, cancel and install the other, then you have to install it by clicking on install. GB WhatsApp will be updated in your phone as soon as this application is installed

GB WhatsApp Pro App Not Install Problem

If GB WhatsApp is not installed in your phone then there can be many reasons for these. So let’s know for what reasons GB WhatsApp Pro is not installed in your phone.

If you do not have free storage on your phone, then the first thing you have to do is to free up your phone’s storage. GB WhatsApp will be installed in your phone only after the storage is free, otherwise it will not happen.

If you already have another WhatsApp in your phone and if GB WhatsApp Pro is not installed, then you have to uninstall that other WhatsApp and then install GB WhatsApp only then the application will be installed.

GB WhatsApp Pro Chat Delete

If your GB WhatsApp was closed and you deleted your GB WhatsApp and then installed GB WhatsApp Pro then let me tell you that all your chats must have been deleted. 

If you have your chat backed up then only your chat will be back otherwise your chat will be all deleted. So whenever your GB WhatsApp is closed then you do not have to delete it, you have to update it and if you do not update then all your chatting will be deleted.

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