Get Free Fire V Badge Code Free (COPY NOW) [ANY COLOUR] September 2022

Free Fire V Badge Code Free: If you play Free Fire, you must have often seen that a friend of yours or a big player has a V Badge which very few players have got till now.

In such a situation, if you want to know how you can get it for free, then read this article till the end because I am going to give you a Free Fire V Badge Code Free using which you can get V Badge for free.

Along with these, if you want to take a different colour V Badge, then I will also give their redeem code from which you can take any colour of V Badge. In such a situation, if you use this redeem code, then you can get V Badge for free and with this you can give a more professional look to your ID.

New events are brought in free fire in a very short time and there are new dresses, emotes and many more items that require a lot of diamonds to purchase and you have to get a lot of V Badge, will have to spend money.

How can Players get V Badge in Free Fire in Free?

V Badge has been given to the professional player under the Free Fire Partner Program and how will you get it for free, so let’s know it

  • First you have to open Free Fire.
  • Then at the top left you have to click on your profile.
  • Click on the pencil icon next to your profile name
  • After this you paste the code v badge free fire code [b][c][ffd319]V[i][FF0000] here. 
  • After entering v badge free fire code click on ok and click on your profile icon. 
  • Now the V Badge icon will be shown on your profile. 

Different Colours For V Badge

V Badge is also available in different colours and you can buy different colours of V Badge by using the redeem code given below. V Badge All Colours Code.

Verified (V) Badge Golden Color Code[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Red Color Code[b][c][ff0000]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Pink Color Code[b][c][ff00ae]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Violet Color Code[b][c][b400ff]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Blue Color Code[b][c]0600ff]Ⓥ 
Verified (V) Badge Green Color Code[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Yellow Color Code[b][c][FFFF00]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Orange Color Code[b][c][ff9c00]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Light blue Color Code[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Parrot green Color Code[b][c][bfff6d]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Scarlet blue Color Code[b][c][00c6ff]Ⓥ 

What is V Badge Free Fire? 

There are many content creators and video creators who promote Free Fire and in return some gifts are given by the Free Fire Committee to encourage those players.

Players are given many such rewards like Diamond, Premium event item, and V Badge.  There is no condition to join the Free Fire Partner Program, for this you just have to promote Free Fire, you can make YouTube videos for this.

Right now V Badge in India has been given in 200 accounts and in such a situation if you people use this free fire v badge code then you will also get V Badge. 

Requirements to Get V Badge in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire Partner Program is completely free and any content creator can join and take V Badge. Along with this, many rewards will also be given to them.

To join the Free Fire Partner Program is a bit difficult, to join their partner program, you have to fulfil all the requirements mentioned below. 

  • You must have a YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers.
  • Your YouTube channel should have more than 300K views in the last 30 days and 80% of these views should be on your free fire videos.
  • If you meet all their requirements then there is no guarantee that you will join their Free Fire Partner Program as they have a very small amount of slots. 

When you successfully join the Free Fire Partner Program, Free Fire gives you certain rewards:

  • Diamonds
  • Custom Room Cards.
  • Financial Compensation
  • Official invitation to the tournament event – exclusive merchandise and more

In Free Fire, what is the meaning of V Badge?

According to the official Garena website this badge is made for those gamers who promote this game under the Free Fire Partner Program and it is a part of them.

This badge has its own importance, it shows that the player in front is a special player and their community is very large. Along with this, the Free Fire profile looks even better. Free Fire V Badge Code Free. 

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