YO WhatsApp New Version

Hey guys, if you want to update your YO WhatsApp then you have to click here below. When you click this button then you will be redirected to another page.

App NameYO WhatsApp
Size57 MB

Whenever you download YO WhatsApp from here, only its latest file will be downloaded.  When you download it from here, you have to install it and as soon as YO WhatsApp is installed, it automatically updates to the new version.

And if you are downloading YO WhatsApp for the first time, then when this application is installed, you have to sign up with your mobile number in it and after that you will be able to use YO WhatsApp without any problem.

YO WhatsApp App Not Installed Problem

If YO WhatsApp is not installed in your phone and if it is showing an App not installed error then what should you do in this situation so that YO WhatsApp is installed in your phone.

For this, first you have to check whether the storage is free in your phone or not. If you do not have enough storage on your phone, then first of all you have to free the storage of your phone, then go and install YO WhatsApp.

If it still does not happen then you have to clear the data of Chrome a couple of times and then download and install it again. When you do this, this application will be installed on your phone.

If you are using an iPhone then let me tell you this application is not installed on the iPhone.  iPhone only installed applications downloaded from the iOS platform, so if you are using an iPhone, then you will not be able to use YO WhatsApp.

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